Been working on finishing all the background painting for my film for the past couple of days and it's been... I finally seem to be getting somewhere with it with the exception of colour/brightness issues. I'm working on my laptop right now so all the colours come out wonky until I get to the school computers. So, due to my being a bit of a perfectionist and a good dose of insomnia, I've been tinkering with my computer since last evening, trying to fix it... here's what I have. Let me know how awful/awkward the colour/lighting is. :)


**Edit: So I think I'm gonna go for the lighter lines on the foxes and the dark lines for the hunter.**

Testing out colours for the characters in my film, Revontulet. Can't decide on the lines yet..

Should I use lighter lines...

...darker lines...

...light & dark lines...

or a combination of these? not sure.. : /



A sneak preview of my thesis film's style.. Something I wasn't planning on originally, but I think it'll work. :) This is just a test of a scene where a coloured wisp floats from the trees on the left towards screen right.



Felt like doing some painting... Ended up with this :)



My sister Nicole saw the ID I did in the previous post and asked for one of her... I finally got some free time and made it (well half of it cause I'm gonna add her boyfriend).. I really like how it turned out; it's definitely her. :)