**Edit: So I think I'm gonna go for the lighter lines on the foxes and the dark lines for the hunter.**

Testing out colours for the characters in my film, Revontulet. Can't decide on the lines yet..

Should I use lighter lines...

...darker lines...

...light & dark lines...

or a combination of these? not sure.. : /


  1. Plop them onto a finished background and see what looks right.

    My vote is for officialversion1 (light lines on both hunter and foxes). I also really like officialversion3. Either way, I'd say keep lighter interior lines on the hunter for readability. His dark palette against the dark bg colours means that if the lines are black, much of the detail will be lost.

  2. So THIS one was your film! I kept passing by your desk wondering whose film this was because the drawings on your desk board are beautiful! I hope you push through with this idea, its looking great! great style! I'm a fan! =)

  3. Janine! Sorry for not answering this, I haven't been updating my blog for a while. thank you! (: